Learn to Make a Bedside Organizer

Are you a crafty type of person and you enjoy taking new projects, even though you only have a picture for them and nothing more? Are you looking for a new, fun project and are willing to receive some recommendations? Well, we have an idea: make a bedside pocket organizer. These organizers are very useful and surprisingly easy to make so you can engage in such a project even if you are still a beginner in the field of sewing. We think that such a project really is a good idea not only because it can help you gain some skill as a beginner in the field but it will also help you keep your nightstand uncluttered. No more books, magazines, jewelry pieces and all sorts of small items cluttering the nightstand; everything will be kept organized and easy to find. Did we attract your attention? Are you willing to try out such a project? If ‘’yes’’, then check out the list below to see what it is that you need in order to begin such a project:

  • Background fabric. We recommend 2/3 yd
  • Pocket fabric. Go with 1/4 yd for it
  • Bias tape, double fold
  • Rubber shelf liner
  • A sewing machine and, of course, thread and needles for it.

If you have all the materials above, we can guarantee the fact that you have everything you need for this project. All that is left for you to do is to choose the time of the day to work on it and nothing more.

Begin by ironing the fabrics. A lot of people who engage in DIY projects forget about this step or simply choose not to take it and it is a pity; it is much easier to work on an ironed fabric. The next step is to work on the pockets. You will have to fold the ¼ pieces of fabric in half; then make sure that you pin along the short sides. Use the double fold bias tape and fold it to the back of the fabric. You will also have to sew on the top side of the bias tape but do it from the backside of the fabric so that the result is a satisfactory one. The pockets can be of whatever width you want, so don’t be too strict on measurements!

After this is all set and agreed on, you will have to add bias tape to the other three sides of the fabric. Then, make the corners. Finish the top edge and add some rubber shelf liner to the back and you’re done. You can choose any type of material you want and any color, so the limits with a project like this are only imposed by your own creativity and imagination. The final result is going to be very cute and very useful and I know that if you wisely choose the colors then this new item will perfectly fit the whole design of your bedroom. You are soon going to love it, so begin working on such a project!