Mouse trap placement and baiting tips

Trapping and catching of mice can be frustrating, but there are simple things you can do to increase the chances of getting rid of mice in your home. One of the most neglected elements in catching mice is bait, but this can have a significant impact on your chances of success in getting rid of your mouse home. You can also find out more hereĀ pest smart control.

The position is vital for catch mice

In catching mice, their area is essential. It is essential to first notice the presence of pests and their daily activities inside your home before deciding where to area the bait. Some of the ideal areas for rat rats are walls, along tunnels, tunnels and other warm regions. If you find an area that contains manure, you know you have an area where the mouse resides if you stay for a while, which is ideal if you plan to use an adhesive trap that works well when you trap mice and stop over the trap.

Foods to use for bait

Some of the most effective foods for rat traps include chocolate, cheese, and water if the rodents are alive, but one of the best foods is peanut butter. It is also advisable to use cotton and other forms of nesting material. The final endpoint when the mice are trapped in the mouse ensures that the bait attracts the mice and cannot be easily separated from the rodent trap. That is what makes peanut butter perfect because it has a pleasant odor that is sticky, which makes it almost impossible for the mouse to catch it and run away.

Patience matters

When you have mice in your house, the first reaction is to try to get rid of them as soon as possible, but the old wheel makes the garbage correct. Mice are very afraid of new objects and can set a trap too early that can excite the mouse forever. The issue of patience seems obvious, but a good tactic for catching rats is to leave a small piece of food in the area where you plan to hold the mouse. If they take it, an area the trap in that area. In this way, the mice will feel more comfortable taking out food and will be less afraid of the trap.


In some cases, in bait mouse traps, the operation will not work as efficiently as expected. In such cases, it is mainly due to the loss of flavor; mouse may not cause it, but by other pests such as cockroaches, ants, and cockroaches. To make sure you collect the mice effectively, make sure they have a rat that handles it.