Sunnec large baby travel tent review

Many companies offer so many designs and styles of travel cribs and sometimes it might be confusing having to decide on what to buy for your kid. Travel cribs offer a lot of benefits to parents. They can be used indoors and while they are out of the house. Travel cribs provide your baby with comfort so they can sleep easily while you go about your activities. If you have been looking for an ideal travel crib, we have compiled a list of things that a good travel crib should be able to provide your family. Read more here.

Here are some tips to look out for when buying a travel crib:


A travel crib should be very portable. It should be one that can be carried about easily from place to place. Smaller cribs have this advantage over full-featured cribs. You would want to buy a crib that would not be too heavy for you to move around with.

Easy to set up:

No one likes the idea of reading complicated manuals when it comes to setting up things. People usually prefer a travel crib that isn’t stressful to set up and won’t take a lot of time to assemble. When looking for a travel crib, this is one thing to look for.


Another good feature of a travel crib is having to consider the safety of your child. You would want to get a travel crib that is safe. Children are very sensitive to toxic chemicals, so getting a toxic-free crib should be your top priority. Many baby items are usually treated with chemicals can be harmful to the child. It is best to look out for cribs that are free of these harsh chemicals.

Sun protection:

Some travel cribs come with UV protection for babies. This is a plus especially when you are using the travel crib outdoors. A good travel crib should be able to keep the harsh sun away from your baby to prevent the child from having sunburns.

Keeping dust and insects out:

Some travel cribs are built with mosquito nets that protect the child from being attacked by insects and bugs. These tents will give a child comfortable sleep and they won’t be disturbed by the flies around the environment. The mosquito nets in the crib are made with materials that can allow the child to breathe easily.

Storage options:

Another thing you may want to look at when buying a travel crib is the issue of storage. Some travel cribs are designed with storage pockets that are meant to store items that your baby will need along the way. You can keep items like your baby’s diapers for changing and food for your baby during your travel. This helps you save up space and reduce the luggage you carry when taking your child out.


A good travel crib should be roomy enough to accommodate your child. A baby is meant to be comfortable in the crib and not feeling cramped up. When choosing a travel crib, you should consider the space in it.


Another thing to consider when buying a baby crib is the price. If you are running on a budget, you would want to get a crib that falls within your budget and offers comfort for your baby. There are many travel cribs you can buy that aren’t too expensive.